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We’ve received amazing testimonials from people who were looking for a new and effective way to reach their fitness goals. They discovered Vision Fitness® and Sprint 8. Read on for their inspiring stories of transformation.

  • "I just wanted to take a minute to thank Vision Fitness for being such a major part of my dramatic health change and weight loss over the last year. A year ago my wife decided we needed pictures for our Christmas Card. I was at work when my phone notified me that I had been “tagged” in a picture, upon opening the picture I was shocked to see a picture of myself and what I had become. I quickly untagged the picture and began hiding all of the evidence of my sorry state (as if everyone around me didn't already know that I was extremely overweight). I was well on my way to disaster.

    My New Year’s Resolution was officially made that day; I owed it to myself, to my wife, and my children to become healthier so that I could be there for them for years to come. Many people have helped me along the way. I want to thank everyone who had a part in my success. I am in the best shape/health I have been in my life and I have amazing lab results to show for it. I didn't do surgery, there is no magic pill, I’m not on any fad diet, it just comes down to persistence, hard work, and keeping focused on what matters most. What an Amazing 2012, I finally found myself again and I am able to do things I never thought possible. Just in case you are wondering, as of this morning 1 year to the date, I have lost 185 pounds.

    Vision Fitness has been a major part of my success. I purchased the S7200hrt a few years ago and a month after I bought it my son was diagnosed with cancer and it sat unused for almost 2 years and I gained a ton of weight. We used food to find comfort from cancer, and it almost killed me. My son is in remission and doing great, but I owed it to him and my family to be around for many years to come.

    I jumped on the Elliptical and haven't stopped using it in a year. I try to get on it at least 5-6 times a week, and has made such a huge difference in my life. Thank you! I have been a huge advocate of the S7200 and can't stop telling all of my friends and family about how natural/comfortable I feel on it. I always get an amazing workout. I just wanted to thank you for doing your best to provide an amazing tool for people like me to change our lives."

    Shane Dahl - Fountain Valley, CA

    January 08, 2013
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  • "I am thrilled w/ the vision suspension trainer! I have used it about 4-5 days/week for a min of 30 per session since it was delivered. There are so many aspects I love about this product - low impact, ability to adjust directions, so quiet, the variety in handles, resistance, incline, and all the various programs: calf toner, glute , and sprint 8. I have gotten the results I desired and I feel my cardio health is awesome . In fact, today I did 3 miles under 29 min - thats with the resistance up to 7 or higher. I guess my fav aspect is having it in my room where I can step on and knock out my workout in no time !! It has such a great quality feel. I find it so much exciting than the treadmill and I actually look forward to my workouts! I also like all the holders for water bottle, phone, etc.

    Finally, I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for all your help as I was trying to decide on which product would best serve my needs. I did hear a little clicking a few times but I didn't notice it today. It is reassuring to know the quality of service that the store has to offer if needed for the elliptical.

    Thank you for inquiring info about our satisfaction with our purchase. I will certainly recommend your store to those we meet who are looking for fitness equipment."

    Christina Collier - OH

    June 12, 2012
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  • "My new Vision Fitness treadmill is a replacement for my old Health Rider treadmill that I had grown quite attached to. I probably had over five thousand miles on that old machine and didn't want to have to replace it. However, much to my surprise, I much prefer my Vision Fitness T9200 [now the T10 treadmill]. The T9200 is more quiet, smooth, and more stable (console vibrates less). The console is at a better height and the grab bar more convenient. I also think the electronics are more heavy duty (e.g., the communication cables are not as flimsy) I had to replace the electronics twice on my old machine and it was the electronics that ultimately led to its demise. One more item is that the T9200 does not interfere with TV or FM reception. 

    All-in-all, the T9200 is a great product - hope it lasts 10,000 miles"

    Randall - Kennett Square, PA

    February 26th, 2004
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  • "Great customer service! I have a T9200 [now the T10 treadmill] that has worked well for several years. Unfortunately, a week after the warranty expired, the unit developed a problem. A phone call to your customer service department and the needed parts were shipped and covered under warranty. This is how a business should be run. I will soon be purchasing an elliptical, and Vision Fitness will be my first choice."

    Andy - Tamaqua, PA

    December, 15th 2005
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  • "I just bought the T9200 Deluxe treadmill. I shopped around and on the internet and local stores for about three weeks comparing all the different prices and models. I kept coming back to the T9200 for its value and best warranty. The other treadmills that I looked at did not compare to the T9200 at all. Anyone looking for a treadmill should just buy a Vision Fitness. It was easy to put together and use. Thanks Vision Fitness."

    Robert - Cold Spring, NY

    April, 3rd 2006
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  • “I became an amputee two years ago February 12, 2003. I hurt my right ankle 17 years ago, as a freshman in high school. It was a really bad break that went undetected for quite some time (they didn’t do MRIs back then like they do today…I wish they had!). I didn’t listen to my body. I kept playing sports hoping for a scholarship, even though I was in constant pain and my ankle was swollen and bruised. I had my first ankle reconstruction surgery in 1983 and subsequently had to have 17 others. I was the youngest person in the country to have had an ankle replacement, done from an ankle fusion. The replacement worked for almost a year until it cracked down both sides. My doctor wanted to do a bone graft, which meant six months in a non-weight bearing cast, only a 50% success rate, and possible amputation later if that didn’t work. I’m a mother of three young children, a wife and a teacher. I felt too much time in my life had been wasted on my leg. I was so blessed and yet I wasn’t happy because I was in so much pain all of the time. I didn’t like the person I had become, and I was tired of being a bystander in my family’s lives. So, after much research, I opted to have my leg amputated.

    Alisa with her T9600HRT Comfort.

    The best option for mobility with prosthetics was a below-the-knee amputation. It was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I stopped teaching Feb. 11, 2003, had the surgery the next day, and returned to my second grade class on April 11, 2003. Now, two years later, I’m still teaching school, I’m coaching my daughters’ little league, I’m an active participant in my families lives, I’m a runner, and I’m pain free! Make no mistake about it, I’m where I am today because of so many wonderful and supportive people.

    The Vision Fitness treadmill was a Christmas gift my husband and I got for each other. Everyone at Leisure Fitness was great. I took my running leg there and tested all of the models. In a matter of two weeks, I started running for the first time on the Vision Fitness T9600HRT Comfort. I cried after only running ¼ of a mile, just because I never thought I would be able to run again. I’m now running between six and seven miles a week, and I feel great!

    The treadmill is wonderful. I really can’t say enough positive things about it. I’m running pain free! Your company has a special place in my heart. Thanks for making such a great product.”

    Alisa - Colora, MD

    April 13th, 2005
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  • "After wearing out two moderate priced treadmills I was becoming really frustrated trying to find a product that would last at a price I could afford. I had been considering Life Fitness, True and Precor but these brands were very expensive for home use. Luckily I came upon a person who had just sold his fitness equipment business and retired. He had sold fitness equipment to colleges and gyms throughout the country. I told him my problem and the first thing he said was, "You should consider Vision Fitness products." He said for the money they are the best products on the market today.

    I took his advice and bought a T9500HRT model and we love it. It has all the features we need and the durability was evident the first time I used it. Our machine is used daily. My wife and I use it for overall health and weight goals and my two daughters use it for sports conditioning on and off season. I even had two friends buy Vision Fitness treadmills after seeing and using mine. Vision Fitness is not one of the highly advertised names you hear but you do build a very good product loaded with features with an exceptional warranty. I would recommend Vision Fitness treadmills to anyone that wants durable, well-built fitness equipment."

    Darryll - Gainesville, GA

    July 31st, 2004
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  • "After hemming and hawing for a couple of months, searching the internet, and going to several fitness stores, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a T9600HRT treadmill. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did. It has every feature you could possibly want, stability, easy to read console, quiet use, and so much more. But after years of running out on the pavement, the thing I most appreciate is the cushioning effect it has. My legs don't feel nearly as bad after a workout on the T9600, and with the HRT feature, I'm able to get a more efficient workout. I just love your treadmill, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for one. Get off the fence and do yourself a favor, buy the T9600!"

    Justin - St. Louis, MO

    Dec. 1st, 2002
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  • "I purchased my T9600HRT a year ago and have run over 500 miles and feel great after losing 50lbs. The various program functions create a tremendous amount of variety making it fun to use and encourages me to continue. The HRT function is truly a great benefit as it monitors the target heart rate that I set at the beginning of my session and maintains it by automatically adjusting height/speed. I now use the treadmill at least three times a week for 45 minutes a session. I appreciate the engineering in the product as by comparison to other models I tested it was among the quietest and smoothest treadmill with the most comfortable deck that could handle my stride, as I am 6’3 and 205lbs. I am very pleased with the unit and its performance and am confident that anyone purchasing this unit would feel the same. Having improved my stamina from using the treadmill, I have introduced resistance training into my program and now spend about 45 minutes after my treadmill workout exercising with weights. I just turned 54 years old this year and have never felt better. Thanks Vision Fitness for your great treadmill."

    Bob - Westlake, OH

    Aug. 5th, 2003
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  • "My wife and I have owned our T9600 for only two weeks. We put 8 to 9 miles on it a day. It is rock solid, extremely quiet and surpasses our expectations. The salesman recommended this treadmill as we were initially considering a Landice. The Vision has a significant "bang for the buck" advantage and it is actually a more substantial treadmill frame. My wife has been running for more than twenty years. I have been running for nine years. We know a quality running machine and the Vision T9600 is it!"

    Jon - Orlando, FL

    June 29th, 2006
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  • "I purchased the T9600 about 2 months ago after spending weeks trying to find the right treadmill. I've had one of those treadmills purchased from the large retailer in the local mall. I'm a larger guy who needs to be on the treadmill; it's been the only effective way for me to lose weight. This unit feels just like the treadmills at the fitness club, no slipping and solid as a rock. I'm writing this because it sure feels good when you get your money's worth and I would recommend this treadmill to everyone, thank you Vision Fitness."

    Rodney - Orange Park, FL

    July 7th, 2006
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  • "I have owned the T9600 Treadmill since May 2002. I have lost 47 pounds since then. I love the fact that it's so easy to use. I only have to push a few buttons and my program does the rest. I haven't had any problems with this treadmill. I love it. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new treadmill. It's been a life saver to me. I love the fact I don't have to drive somewhere to work out. I like working out in the privacy of my home. Thanks Vision Fitness for making such a great treadmill!"

    Janet - Pittsburg, KS

    October 6th, 2006
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  • "I purchased a Model E4000 last spring for rehab purposes after suffering a heart attack. Not only did it help me get in shape, but my wife loves to ride it also. She's been riding on average 25 to 30 miles a day and has so far lost a total of 80 pounds. She looks great and both of [us] feel great. Thanks for putting out a great product"

    Jeff - Berne, IN

    Dec. 5th, 2003
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  • “A friend of mine is trying to get in shape and was asking about recommendations on what type of bicycle to get. After telling him what I know about road, mountain, and hybrid bikes based on his interests and his budget, it dawned on me that I should tell him how much I love my exercise bike. My wife bought me an E3200 in 2001 as a birthday present and after 4 years of use I really can't say enough good things about it. It's quiet, the resistance is smooth, the programs keep me motivated, and you cannot beat the convenience of being able to go for a "bike ride" whenever regardless of the time of day or the weather. And after 4 years of use, I can say that it runs as well today as when I got it. I wanted to let you all know at Vision Fitness how pleased I've been with my bike.”

    James - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

    July 20th, 2005
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  • "We're thrilled to have our new X6200 elliptical! For years I'd thought it was hopeless, the difference in quality between a decent $3000 machine and an irritating $500 cheap home model. The Vision Fitness machine lies right where it should be--reasonably affordable, yet smooth and sturdy. In fact, its foot motion is far better than that of an expensive Precor, and it's quieter by far than a pricey Life Fitness. Very pleased!"

    Asher - Oakland, CA

    June 22nd, 2004
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  • "My wife and I recently purchased a X6200 elliptical machine, after much research and testing of various makes and models. We felt the Vision Fitness X6200 was the best value for the money, with its many programs, sleek design, and smooth motion. It folds up to such a small footprint for such a quality piece of equipment! We are both thrilled with our purchase, and I look forward to using it every time I climb on."

    Kevin - Salmon Arm, BC

    December 30th, 2004
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  • "My X6200HRC** elliptical was one of the best choices in fitness equipment I have made. After shopping around, I found my decision to be an easy one. My elliptical is quiet, smooth, strong, user friendly, and has style. It isn't bulky and cluttered with nonsense. The space saving feature and easy mobility come in handy and in no way detract from the machine's integrity or performance. I paid more for the HRC model but having so many programs and levels is motivational and makes varying workouts a snap. The best aspect may not be from the machine itself, it's the manufacturer. Vision Fitness has proved to me to be a quality company by offering to stand behind their product and provide a knowledgeable, professional customer service and technical department. They have a sincere respect for their customers and strive to ensure long term customer satisfaction."

    Sam - Strabane, PA

    April 16th, 2005
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  • "Hi! I recently purchased your Vision Fitness X6200HRT, and it is incredible. I assembled it myself, and it couldn't have been easier. It was very well explained and clear. The product is solidly built and loaded with all the best features you will ever need. I compared this one to many other models, and this one by far was the best for the money - a solid value with a great warranty."

    Brett - Davie, FL

    July 29th, 2005
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  • "I purchased the X6200HRT three years ago and have used it six times per week since. The machine works flawlessly and provides a great workout. Because it is so quiet and smooth I have no problem watching television while exercising. Because of the many workout options available on the programmable pad it is impossible to "master" the machine. You can always increase (or decrease) the challenge of the workout. I would definitely purchase the machine again although I expect it to last for many years to come."

    William - Ypsilanti, MI

    December 25th, 2006
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  • Jeremy Bennett, 2nd Wind, Des Peres, MO

    Sprint 8 is one of the best exercise programs I have come across to help customers start their fitness routine. Here are some reasons why.

    They know it is something they can do.
    Thirty-second intervals seem challenging but also realistic for them to achieve.
    They love hearing about how interval training can greatly affect their metabolism.
    They like the fact that it is just a twenty-minute workout.

    Customers get excited because the Sprint 8 is effective, challenging, realistic and fun. No other program packs so much into a 20-minute workout.”

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  • Kenny, G&G Fitness

    “Having been involved in specialty fitness for close to 20 years, I have had the opportunity to carry many different brands of equipment. Without question, the overall value of Vision Fitness, both in its initial quality and its long-term reliability and product support, is among the highest in the industry. This is especially true in Vision's models under $2000, where their products are unarguably the absolute best. No other manufacturer, past or present, has ever had an entire line of equipment as structurally sound or well designed in the same price range. Vision Fitness has continually produced since I first encountered them with a competitor back in 1999. I was impressed then and continue to be still. One of the happiest days in my career came a few years later in 2002 when I found out that our company would be carrying them in our Pittsburgh markets, finally saving me from having to try and sell against them! They have everything that a specialty retailer could want:

    Excellent quality fast and efficient customer support
    Innovative programming and product development
    A staff of representatives that is both easily accessible and knowledgeable about the industry as a whole

    Over the past few years, Vision Fitness has made a tremendous improvement on their higher-end line of machines, as well. They have tread into the territory of the “gym brand” and ‘premium’ manufacturers and have shown to be a worthy competitor at all price levels. Their suspension ellipticals, best described as an amalgam of all that was popular with current units (multi-grip arms, incline training, ball bearing joints, close pedal spacing, and the like) combined with their own well-developed elliptical motion, are some of the most unique and popular pieces on our floor. Likewise, the warranties, strength and features of Vision's T9500, T9550, and T9600 treadmill lines compare favorably with any of the gym-brand models’ offerings in the same price range; and the R2250 has the most comfortable seat of any bike that I have ever sat on.

    Overall, Vision Fitness is the best value on our floors—dominating the economy market, which has become so important in the past few years considering the weak economy coupled with stronger competition from lower-end lines, and effectively carving their own niche in the difficult higher market. I couldn't imagine a successful store without them.

    The R2250 is the most comfortable bike I've ever used
    With a great range of incline, an intuitive motion and innovative programming like Sprint 8, the S7200HRT has quickly become one of my favorites for my own workouts
    No other brand delivers anywhere near the same quality under $2000
    The X20 offers a better stride and more solid construction than anything else even close to its price point
    The T9200 [now the T10 treadmill] is the most reliable economy treadmill that I've ever sold
    No company makes better fold-up treadmills than Vision Fitness
    Best indoor cycling bike for the money
    The R1500 series bikes are the best economy products available in the market”
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  • Nate Demander, Cowboy State Fitness Equipment, Casper, WY

    “I’ve been a dealer for Vision Fitness for three years now. They’ve been the backbone to my business for a number of reasons. They make quality products at affordable prices and their customer service is second to none. It’s that simple. It’s been my experience in this industry that many companies may meet one or even two of these criteria, but rarely all three. These traits set Vision Fitness apart from the rest of today’s competition. In a world with so many options, it’s nice to have a partner like this on our side as we continue to spread fitness throughout Wyoming!”

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  • Tom, Fitness Shop, Bellevue, WA

    “We were one of the first dealers in the country to carry the Vision Fitness (Trek) product. Initially the main attraction was simply that it was a good value and a quality product. Over the years we have gradually increased the floor space we devote to Vision Fitness. This growth in market share can be attributed by their drive to constantly improve every aspect of their business with unique new designs, more compact and quiet equipment, new cutting edge electronics and the best in customer support. We are very happy to be Vision Fitness dealers and wouldn't trade them for any other brand.”

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  • Danny Soto, Ultimate Fitness Equipment, Middletown, NY

    “It is my pleasure to write a brief review about Vision Fitness as they rightfully deserve the credit and acknowledgement that is never given by us owners and sales people. Vision Fitness is a company that really backs up its product, from service to even having their sales reps come around the showrooms to educate the sales staff on a regular basis. These are the things that separate this manufacturer from the rest. When was the last time a rep came around your showroom? Unfortunately, it doesn't happen often enough. Vision Fitness makes certain our staff stay sharp with product knowledge.

    We at Fitness Showrooms and Ultimate Fitness Equipment carry 95 percent of the entire line on display. In my opinion they have the best priced products in this industry today, from their S7200HRT to the T9500 and the R2250 just to mention a few of their products. The client can never go wrong. They have an amazing product selection in the best price point. This product line truly allows and helps any specialty store make sales and stay in business even with this tough economy. Of course location, selection and good personnel are also key qualities. I recommend any dealer that could ever carry this fantastic line to take advantage and do so. And any home user to consider this product line when they are in the market for a cardio piece of equipment.”

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