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For more than a decade, Vision Fitness® has built exceptional fitness solutions for the home and commercial markets. The quality and value of these products has not gone unrecognized. Browse our company press releases and media mentions below.

SPRINT 8 Challenge Inspires People to Get Fit

LAKE MILLS, Wis. —"Short, quick-burst, sprinting types of exercise (known as anaerobic exercise) is a step up from the steady-pace cardio that's been the standard for years. It's more intense than interval training and much more effective." says Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness. "The most powerful body-fat-cutting, muscle-toning, anti-aging substance known in science—human growth hormone—is produced by the body with this type of exercise." Recent medical studies reported by the National Institutes of Health ( support Campbell's comments.

Vision Fitness, one of the top fitness equipment companies in the world, saw the value of Campbell's revolutionary SPRINT 8 anaerobic program and added it to their treadmills, fitness bikes and elliptical trainers. With the touch of a button, users are launched into this effective, easy-to-follow, 20-minute program. Users can choose from 16 levels of intensity, allowing everyone from beginners to elite athletes to achieve a great workout.

"So many of our employees and retail salespeople have experienced great results with SPRINT 8 that we decided to offer a contest for our customers to inspire them to get fit," states Christa Walter, Retail Brand Manager for Vision Fitness.

In order to participate in this fitness contest, known as the "SPRINT 8 Challenge," customers had to purchase a Vision Fitness® cardio product that contains the SPRINT 8 program during the month of November or December 2006 and complete an entry form. Then, they had to do the 20-minute program three to four times each week for six weeks and submit their results to Vision Fitness.

Participants had a chance to win 50,000 airline miles, reimbursement for their Vision Fitness® products, iPod Nanos, and copies of Phil Campbell's book. Most of them lost five to 20 pounds, had significant drops in their cholesterol levels, improved their heart rates and cardio capabilities, achieved noticeable improvements in their levels of energy, and improved muscle tone.

"At the end of the six weeks, I had lost 20 pounds and was feeling great. I had A LOT more energy," wrote grand prize winner Maura Anders of East Northport, NY, "I have gone down TWO pants sizes!"

You can see the SPRINT 8 Challenge results, read testimonials, and learn more about Vision Fitness, their award-winning products and the SPRINT 8 program by visiting their website,

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