Passport™ Media Player with Virtual Active™

Passport™ Media Player with Virtual Active™ transforms a normal indoor workout into a dynamic outdoor adventure. Featuring stunning HD videos from some of the most beautiful destinations around the world, users choose when and where they want to exercise. Explore the scenic diversity of Northern Italy or follow the River Aar out of the mountains while exercising near the Swiss Alps. With a growing number of guided workout locations available, users are sure to remain motivated, entertained and healthy.

What is Virtual Active™?

Passport Media Player - Northern Italy

Visit Northern Italy in the comfort of your living room with Virtual Active™

Virtual Active™ makes first-person, forward-motion video footage, designed to enhance the workout experience on treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. Everything seen and heard in the videos is real and was filmed on location. During a Virtual Active™ workout, the equipment automatically adjusts the intensity level (incline and/or resistance) to match the terrain seen on the course. The video speed automatically syncs with the user’s speed on the equipment, and ambient sounds from the course can be heard in the background. Information and history about the course’s location is shown on-screen, as well as the user’s workout information. All of this provides exercisers with a unique opportunity to escape the confines of their regular workout routine and discover new and exciting places to exercise around the world.Two Virtual Active™ workouts are included on the Vision Fitness® Touch and Elegant consoles for treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

What is Passport™?

The Passport™ Media Player is Passport™ Media Player on a Vision Fituness Treadmillused to deliver this content to users that don’t have Virtual Active™ integrated into their cardio equipment. Users simply connect the Passport™ Media Player to their home television, insert the included USB and their cardio equipment connects wirelessly to the Media Player. The same stunning HD footage from places like Piazza San Marco in Venice or the cliffs of the Grand Canyon are displayed on their home television, perfectly synced with the users speed and elevation.

The Passport™ media player is sold separately and is compatible with the Vision Fitness Touch, Elegant, and Classic consoles for treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. Stop by your local Vision Fitness retailer to try it out.

Switching From Miles to Kilometers on the New Vision Fitness® Consoles

Product personalization is a key consideration when choosing a product, including fitness equipment. One great feature all new Vision Fitness® consoles have is the ability to switch your speed readout from miles to kilometers. The Elegant and Touch consoles also allow you to see distance in either miles or kilometers at any time in your workout, no matter what your Region settings are. See below for your console, and see how you can start changing the speed feedback in your workout to fit your preferences!

Classic Console

  1. Start by turning the unit on.
  2. For a treadmill, step on the side rails and insert the safety key.
  3. For a treadmill press and hold at the same time, the INCLINE UP and SPEED DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. On an elliptical or bike, you will need to press and hold the RESISTANCE UP and RESISTANCE DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. The console will beep and begin to scroll SELECT ENG MODE. At this point you can release the buttons.
  4. For the switch function mode on a treadmill, press the INCLINE UP arrow button to take you to ENG3. For an elliptical or bike press the RESISTANCE UP arrow button to take you to ENG2.
  5. Press the ENTER button.
  6. Now press the START button, the display will change between Miles and KM (Kilometers).
  7. Once it is displaying the desired output, press and hold the STOP button for 3-5 seconds to exit. The console will beep and begin to scroll SELECT ENG MODE. At this point you can release the button.
  8. Finally, press and hold the STOP button again to exit Engineering Mode. The console will beep and return to the main screen. At this point you can release the button.

Elegant Console

  1. Start by turning the unit on.
  2. For a treadmill, step on the side rails and insert the safety key.
  3. For a treadmill, press and hold at the same time, the INCLINE UP and SPEED DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. On an elliptical or bike, you will need to press and hold the RESISTANCE UP and RESISTANCE DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. The console will beep and enter Engineering Mode.  At this point you can release the buttons.
  4. Now press the third ATM-style button on the left side of the screen to select Region.
  5. Once in Region, you can press the top right ATM-style button to select Continue 3 times to go to the page to switch from Miles or Kilometers.
  6. Using the middle left ATM-style keys, select STANDARD (Miles) or METRIC (Kilometers).
  7. Once it is displaying the desired output, press the bottom left ATM style button to select Finished.
  8. Finally, press the STOP button to return to the main screen.

Touch Console

  1. Start by turning the unit on.
  2. For a treadmill, step on the side rails and insert the safety key.
  3. For a treadmill, press and hold at the same time, the INCLINE UP and SPEED DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. On an elliptical or bike, you will need to press and hold the RESISTANCE UP and RESISTANCE DOWN arrow buttons for 3-5 seconds. The console will beep and enter Engineering Mode. At this point you can release the buttons.
  4. Using the touchscreen, press the selection for Region on the left side of the screen.
  5. Once in Region, press the word UNITS, then make your selection for Metric (KM) or Standard (MI) with the buttons that appear in the top right side of the screen.
  6. Once the desired output is selected, press the HOME button in the top right side of the screen to exit Engineering Mode.

Having the ability to switch between miles and kilometers allows you to optimize your console’s functionality, train in metric or standard speed and will provide a better overall workout experience.

Using the Training Calendar on the Touch Console

One of the cool training tools you’ll discover on the new Vision Fitness® Touch console is the training calendar. For many, starting a fitness routine is not the difficult part; most often it is maintaining your program that is the challenge.

Why? Typically, it has to do with personal motivation (or lack thereof) and not being able to see results. If you can’t see your initial progress, it can be discouraging and cause you to give up on your program. The Vision training calendar is an easy to use tool designed to keep you motivated and allow you to see your progress.

Using your own personal user profile, the Touch console will keep track of various pieces of information that are important to you and will motivate you to keep going. Here is a quick guide to getting started with your calendar. Please note that you will need to create your own USER PROFILE to fully engage in the benefits of the workout calendar.

  1. From the home screen, press USER INFO and select a user from the list on the left. (The calendar can track as many as five users.)
  2. Now press the CALENDAR BUTTON on the right.
  3. SAVED WORKOUTS will be displayed by an asterisk (*) on the day they were saved.
  4. Press the * to select that day. A WORKOUT SUMMARY window will appear to the right of the CALENDAR. Press START to begin using the selected SAVED WORKOUT again.
    • Use the arrow keys (< January >) at the top of the workout calendar to scroll between months.
    • You can view the workout summary for each day and each week by touching the number of the week shown on the left-hand side of the calendar (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
    • If there is more than one workout, this will be indicated by arrow keys and the number of workouts (< 1 of 3 >) at the top of the workout summary. Use the arrow keys to scroll between the workouts.
    • The WORKOUT SUMMARY shows you the date and time of day of the workout, distance, time, pace and calories burned. To view a detailed summary, simply touch the WORKOUT SUMMARY box. On this screen you will find your workout averages (labeled WORKOUT DATA) and individual STAGE averages.

So where does the motivation come into play? Your motivation kicks in when you compare current results to past results and see improvement! You can choose to view your results on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. Now THAT’S motivation!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an avid fitness buff, the training calendar is designed to keep track of your personal information and show you the path to your own success.

Put Your iPhone or iPod to Good Use With New Vision Fitness Consoles

Using an iPod or iPhone with your new Vision Fitness® console can open a whole variety of features you wouldn’t expect from a piece of fitness equipment!

The new Vision Touch console is able to transfer the audio and video from an iPod or iPhone through the iPod/iPhone cord to the console. This also allows you to control the device on the touch screen, and keep your eyes on the prize. A great undistracted workout means better results. Unable to stream video through your iPhone? Simply switch your iPhone to “Airplane” mode under Settings, and both the video and audio should stream just fine.

As you get into your workout, you may feel the urge to slow down, but your phone or iPod never has to! You can also charge your device using the USB port while you work out. Please note this is possible for devices that require 1 amp or less for charging. Simply plug your device into the USB port and watch your device charge as you work your way to a lean and mean fitness machine.

These are just a few new exciting features to check out that will help you use your Vision Fitness exercise equipment to its fullest potential!

Program Overview: Glute Burn

The Glute Burn program is found on the state-of-the-art Vision Fitness® Suspension Elliptical™ Trainers S7100, S7200 and S70. This interval-based, muscle-targeting program is made possible by the adjustable incline feature, which is not available from every elliptical manufacturer. The program automatically varies incline settings in ranges that target the glutes and hamstrings throughout the pedaling motion.

On the S7100, you are given eight 45-second intervals, which provide progressively challenging incline and resistance changes. The S7200 and S70 use a combination of incline and directional changes, along with console prompts, to help maximize results.

Glute Burn delivers movement and results similar to that of running stairs, but without the potentially harmful impact on the knees and joints. By reducing the impact-induced injury and fatigue, you will be able to put more energy into the workout. Not only is this program great for toning the posterior, but because the glute muscles are among the largest group of muscles on our bodies, this program is also highly efficient at burning calories. Use higher levels of resistance and lower RPMs to increase the muscle shaping and toning effects of this workout.

Achieve the perfect fit on your exercise bike

If you’re a cyclist, no matter your experience level, you may have experienced that tingling or a numbness in your glutes mid-workout. Or perhaps you’ve fallen victim to hyperextension because of improper pedal positioning. Instantly, your motivation deflates and you cut your bike workout short by 10 minutes. Thankfully, these are avoidable situations. Read on to learn how to position your exercise bike seat properly for a comfortable and injury-free ride.

A good rule of thumb for a recumbent exercise bike is to place the arch of one of your feet onto the center of the pedal. Then, release the seat lock latch, push with your foot until your leg is nearly straight, and set the latch. If you are pedaling correctly, with the ball of your foot on the pedal, this should place a slight bend in your knee so that you don’t over extend and cause injury.

On the upright bike, the easiest way to position the seat height is to stand next to the bike. Unlock the seat post and raise the seat unit the top of the seat is at the middle of your hip. Then replace the seat post lock, sit on the seat and check to make sure your leg has the slight bend when the center of your foot is on the pedal. If the seat is too high or low, dismount the machine and raise the seat post up or down one notch and try the fit again. You may also be able to adjust the seat forward or backward to optimize the angle of your hips or to perfect the handlebar reach.

On various indoor cycles, like the Vision Fitness V-Series, you can also adjust the bike handlebars vertically for maximum comfort. Start by raising the handlebars so they are slightly above the seat height. This allows for proper posture and alignment for even weight distribution while you’re biking. Make sure you can comfortably reach the handlebars without locking your elbows. You want to have a slight arch in your back, so make sure there’s no strain in your neck and shoulders.

If your indoor cycle has fore/aft handlebar adjustment, you can use that to maximize your riding position as well. After you have positioned your seat fore/aft (if the bike has this type of adjustment), release the handlebar fore/aft adjustment lock and place your elbow on the nose of the seat. Then, extend your arm straight pushing the handlebar with the tip your middle finger until your arm is straight and fully extended.

Once you’ve made initial adjustments, ride for a few minutes and fine tune for the perfect fit. If you’re new to cycling or have taken some time off, don’t get frustrated if you can’t bike 10 miles the first day back in the saddle. Start with a mile or two at a time to get your rear familiarized with the bike feel, especially on an indoor cycle saddle, which is much narrower than a recumbent or upright exercise bike seat. Looking for more tips on how to ride? also has a great video on how to fit an indoor cycle.

What’s the most difficult part for you to fit on your exercise bike?

Use the Watts program to stay challenged during your workouts

“Watts” is defined as a measurement of power output that the user is exerting. Vision Fitness is one of the few manufacturers to offer a Watts program, which comes standard in the Deluxe and Premier Consoles for all cardio machines. The program works by setting a watts level (try 150 to start) which is used to calculate the user’s RPMs. The treadmill, bike or elliptical will then apply resistance or elevation accordingly. If the user moves at a faster RPM, the resistance will remain at a lower level, but if the user starts slowing down the product will increase the resistance. No slacking during your workout! Most users slow the pace after the first 15 minutes, but the Watts program will just apply more resistance to remind them to pick the pace back up. If the user would rather move at a slower pace, that’s fine too—the resistance will just be more difficult. The Watts program is great because you are keeping a consistent power output, which is the same as maintaining a consistent caloric expenditure, thus making your workout more efficient and productive. Try it out at your nearest Vision Fitness retailer today!

Already use the Watts program? Tell us what you think about it.