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T40 Touch Reviews

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Location: Wisconsin

January 11th, 2013

T40 Touch

1st Impressions

I just received the Vision T40 Touch yesterday and put it through its paces and have some initial impressions to share (which I hope will be helpful as there are no reviews online yet). The treadmill is solidly constructed and has plenty of places to store water bottles, remote controls, cell phones, etc. I bought the touch model and am very pleased with the HD screen. The touch screen is large, clear, and reasonably sensitive so pushing buttons and making settings is easy. You also have additional non-touch buttons on the treadmill to adjust incline, speed, etc.. There is no way to dial in a set incline or speed (no numbered buttons) but rather you move a slider on the touch screen. It would be nice if a numbered keyboard popped up to use). The speakers/audio is ehhhh and playing my ipod at full volume was hard to hear over the thumping of my running and treadmill noise (which is pretty quiet) and there is no absolutely no bass for those that listen to dance/electronic music to work-out. My fix... I plugged in a set of computer speakers to the audio out port and pipe my ipod through those speakers (control ipod through treadmill but play through other speakers). Works fine. The pre-programmed work-outs are nice but I wish there was more variety, such as hill training, etc. However, you can easily program custom workouts or just workout and it automatically saves what you did on a calendar and you can go back and re-do those workouts easily. I tried the HR workouts (which is a feature i really wanted as I train in certain HR zones). The program does what it is supposed to do (increases incline or speed to keep you at a target HR) HOWEVER... the program will abort if your HR jumps over 10 bpm or something like that over the target to prevent you from over exerting. The problem with that is that HR straps can be erratic at times (if not moistened enough, if it moves too much, environmental interference). To me, this is a horrible design. Instead, the program should chime and a notification should come up saying "HR increase detected, do you want to abort?" and let the user decided. Vision PLEASE PLEASE address this in a software update. The virtual active HD videos are cool... my wife will use them more than me. You can run through chicago, Italy, etc... and it adjusts the incline accordingly. The cushion is good on the treadmill (no aches or pains). Overall, I would recommend this treadmill. Expensive for sure.. but I got a great deal on it and feel that what I paid was worth it.